How do I know what words to use while tapping?

A stumbling block for those starting out in using EFT can be the feeling that they don’t know what words to say while tapping. However, there are no set phrases for working on any particular issue. In fact, any words that you do say while tapping will be “right” for you. Accepting this can take the pressure off.

There are also several ways you can ease yourself into tapping without needing to focus on what to say.

• You can just do a few rounds of tapping on the tapping points without saying any words (or perhaps saying the word “stress” as you tap on each point). This will have the effect of releasing tension and thereby lessening your concern about needing to use the “right” words.
• You can tap on not knowing what words to use or on letting go of the need to be perfect: “Even though I don’t know what words to say …”
• If you don’t know what to say, or are feeling too emotional to speak, you can simply use “Even though I have this feeling …” in the set-up statement and then “This feeling” as the reminder phrase.
• You can tap on how you are feeling physically rather than emotionally, for example, using “Even though I have this knot in my stomach …” in the set-up statement followed by “This knot in my stomach.” as the reminder phrase. See what emotions and words come up as a result and incorporate those into subsequent tapping rounds.

The purpose of saying the words while tapping is to keep you focused on an issue, so that your energy system can stay tuned into the disruption that you want to clear. Thus, the more specific you can be about the issue, the better. One way to get started with the words is to ask yourself the question “How do I know I have this problem?” and then use whatever response comes to you in order to form your tapping statements. For example, “Even though I feel the need to eat everything on my plate …” or “Even though I have this dull ache in my right shoulder …”

One of the advantages of EFT as a self-help tool is that you can never “get it wrong”. So, even if (or perhaps especially if) you are a perfectionist, the answer is to just tap, see what comes up and go with it!

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