Why we all have “magic hands”


I recently used Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) to help my 10-year-old nephew ease his tummy ache. Once I’d used various techniques (more on that later), he said that he felt better and declared that I had “magic hands”.

He assumed that because I’d used my hands to help him feel better, then they must be “magic”. Well, in truth we all have “magic hands”, that is, we all have the ability to use our hands to move energy within our own or another person’s body. This is because our hands carry electromagnetic and more subtle energies. When we place a hand on or just above the body (in the auric field), the energy within the body entrains to our hand, and when we move that hand, the energy within body moves with it.

The ability to do this does not require a person to be psychic or clairvoyant, or even to have a “special sensitivity” to energy. Whilst it is true that practising EEM or any other form of energy therapy/healing will, over time, enable the practitioner to develop greater sensitivity to the movement of energy, we can all move energy in the body with no special training, RIGHT NOW.

Why not try for yourself one of the techniques I used on my nephew for his tummy ache? Next time you have pain or discomfort in any area of your body, try the EEM “chakra clearing” technique and see if it helps.

EEM chakra clearing technique for relieving pain or discomfort
1. Rub your hands together and then shake off the excess energy.
2. Place your open, flat left hand a few inches above the body (= in the field).
3. Now, circle your left hand anti-clockwise above the body at a fairly slow speed, until it feel like it’s enough. Then shake the energy off your left hand.
4. Next, place your open, flat right hand a few inches above the same area.
5. Circle your right hand clockwise at the same speed, but for about a third of the time you circled anti-clockwise with your left hand. Then shake the energy off your right hand.
6. Now “set” the energy shift by drawing Figure 8s above the area.

In the video below, Dondi Dahlin, Donna Eden’s daughter, demonstrates the chakra clearing technique. You will notice that Dondi uses the right hand to do both the anti-clockwise and then the clockwise circling. Personally, I use the left and then the right hand as described above, because the left hand takes the old energy out and the right hand brings fresh new energy in.

By the way, at the same family get together, I also helped my brother with his ear, which he said felt blocked, and I massaged my sister-in-law’s feet, which constantly ached because her job involves a lot of standing. There is an EEM technique for just about everything! I feel so lucky to have my energy medicine “toolkit”!

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