Why it’s important to have our energies crossing over within the body

Celtic Weave pattern

In Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), we talk all the time about the importance of having our energies crossing over within the body. EEM practitioners encourage people to march on the spot while touching their hand to their opposite leg. We show them how to swipe one hand diagonally across from the shoulder to the opposite hip or to draw Figure 8s slowly around the eyes. We do this because these techniques encourage the body’s energies to cross over, and this is necessary in order for us to experience optimal health and wellbeing.

Donna Eden (the founder of EEM) refers to the way that the energies cross over within the body as the “Celtic Weave”. To give you an idea of what this looks like, see the picture of a Celtic Weave pattern at the top of this post. Imagine criss-cross energies like this occurring throughout the body at every level, down to the level of the DNA, which as we know has the shape of a double helix. Crossover energy patterns create optimal functioning of the body.

However, if you are lacking in energy, depressed, chronically exhausted or ill, or if your recovery from even a mild condition seems slow, your energies will be running in a homolateral pattern (i.e. running straight up and down – in parallel lines – instead of crossing over). When this occurs, the body cannot adequately access or move the energies it stores. In fact, this homolateral patterning of the body’s energies is designed by nature to slow you down so you can rest, heal or re-group and thereby regain your strength. The problem is that most of us do not slow down or take the rest we need. Instead of taking the time to recover, we plough on with our lives, no matter how we are feeling. Under those circumstances, the homolateral pattern can become a habit that interferes with optimal functioning. Unsurprisingly, in our society, being in a homolateral state is commonplace.

The good news is that there are easy EEM techniques that we can do to encourage the body’s energies to cross back over again. This is called “homolateral repatterning” and represents a mainstay of energy medicine. The key is to do the techniques regularly in order to reset the energy patterns so that they cross over.

In this video (just over 9 mins), Donna talks about cross over energies and how you can strengthen these patterns through simple techniques such as making Figure 8s with your hands around the body and doodling.

If you want to watch something shorter, in this video (less than 1 minute) Titanya Dahlin shows how to make Figure 8s around the body:


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