Thank you so much for the session, it was really amazing. I felt so much better. It really surprised me that such small things can make such a difference… Thank you again for your kind help, you guided me very gently through the whole time, and I felt comfortable and relaxed from beginning to end, and it also matters so much, there was such a warm air around you, and I just could feel your positive energy.


I was feeling very nervous about attending my first energy therapy session, but there was no need as Helen put my mind at ease from the word go. She listened to the reasons for me feeling so down in my life. I was having some physical pain as well as emotional pain. My sister introduced me to Helen after she herself had benefited from sessions with Helen.

With the exercises and energy balancing techniques Helen used, I began to feel so much more positive about my life. I was able to pick myself up simply by doing the daily energy routine. I found this helped me immensely. I felt so much better after each session. With the help of Helen alone, the physical pains have completely subsided. I was totally amazed.

The work we did together was clearly explained and Helen would always give me a handout so I could continue the work at home. I always looked forward to each session because I knew with Helen’s sensitivity and friendly approach, we could deal with the most traumatic of emotions I had been struggling with.

I thank Helen for helping me through these stages of my life that I had found so hard to deal with. I will always be grateful to her for helping me make these remarkable changes to my life. I know without her help and experience I would still be living my negative life. With her continuous dedication and determination, she has helped me to become a happier person. I think everyone should have the chance to enjoy Eden Energy Medicine sessions. It is truly an inspirational journey. Thank you Helen from the bottom of my heart.

Helen gave me some exercises to do at home to ease some physical discomfort, which I’ve had for nearly two years. The exercises were easy to do and made a big difference by doing them just once in the morning. I had two energy balancing treatments over a period of two months, after which I felt incredibly relaxed and “back to normal”. Some of the energy balancing techniques involved touching my body but Helen did this in such a respectful way that I became oblivious to it. Helen also gave me some excellent general energy exercises with thorough explanations. I could easily incorporate them into my morning routine, giving me calmness within and energy when needed.

I was experiencing digestive problems and had not been able to gain any relief, no matter what I tried. As a result of these problems, I was having trouble sleeping and was unable to eat certain foods. Helen gave me a series of energy exercises, which only take 10 minutes a day to do. I now have no discomfort at night and no discomfort when eating. A good night’s sleep and now being able to drink the occasional glass of wine are well worth 10 minutes of exercises a day, in my opinion.

At a time in my life when I was under a lot of stress, the techniques Helen taught me to use helped greatly … I felt really positive after our sessions. I also used some of the exercises with my young children, which we enjoyed doing together and I feel they helped create a calmer ambience in the home. I found the “tapping technique” especially helpful and like the way I could do that anywhere. I love the way Helen taught me to take my mind to a happy place whenever I need to.

I had a number of EFT sessions with Helen and they were a life changing experience for me. Having suffered with clinical depression and having had cognitive behavioural therapy for it, there were still things in my past that had caused me to feel uncertain and to lose confidence. After 3 sessions with Helen I had so much more confidence and had a process that allowed me to manage my depression and lack of confidence from a position of strength. Basically I became the person I wanted to be rather than the person I had sadly become. It was an amazing experience and, as a result, I have had the confidence to do things that I always dreamed of doing but had always felt unable to.

Before seeing Helen I was procrastinating and avoiding many of the `things` I needed to do in order to move on with my life. Even the smallest task seemed insurmountable. I was overwhelmed both physically and mentally and unable to make any progress with de-cluttering my mind, my house or my workplace. I was generally stressed and frustrated at myself for not being able to get things done. Helen was understanding and non judgmental. I found her easy to talk to and insightful. I really enjoyed our sessions they gave me space and time to explore the emotional blocks I was experiencing; and to identify and prioritise the actions needed to help me move forward. I found the EFT techniques enlightening and very useful … Our sessions and my practicing the techniques at home gave me the motivation, drive and energy to tackle the issues that had been holding me back. I was surprised how easy it became to systematically deal with these `things` from my new empowered position. The experience gave me greater self awareness and transferable techniques to use for change. As a result I feel more resilient, focused, clearer and lighter.

18 months ago I had 5 sessions with Helen. At this time I was suffering from stress and anxiety, which was causing me physical pain, tiredness, skin rashes and mild depression. This stress and anxiety was brought on after my diagnosis of a serious illness. After a successful operation and treatment, I was looking forward to getting back to normal, but then the psychological effects of the illness caused my stress and anxieties. Prior to meeting Helen I was unsure and a bit wary of what to expect during and after my sessions. From the first meeting I felt totally relaxed and really enjoyed the sessions. We talked a lot and Helen recommended EFT. I had not heard of this technique, but agreed to try it. The technique itself is very relaxing but I did not know what to expect in the long term. When the sessions finished, I felt really good and my stress/anxieties had gone, and now 18 months later, thinking and talking about the illness and the psychological problems it caused has no negative effect on me at all. I have since read about other people with stress and also athletes with recurring injuries who have used EFT successfully. I have recommended Helen to many people and I am really grateful for the treatment I received.

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