I don’t have time to tap – how can I fit EFT into my everyday life?

Most people who learn EFT find that it helps them to cope with the small stresses of everyday life as well as with the bigger life issues that they might work on with a practitioner. But even though they recognise the benefits, when people are busy, it can be hard to find the time to tap. Here are some ideas on how to fit tapping into everyday life.


Tapping before or during habitual actions such as brushing your teeth, sitting in the car before setting off or getting out, going to the loo, etc., enables you to make tapping a part of your daily routine with minimum effort. Whilst it is really beneficial to physically tap on the EFT points, an alternative is to visualise yourself tapping while saying your set-up statement and reminder phrases out loud or in your head during everyday tasks, such as taking a shower, getting dressed or doing the washing up.


When in public or engaged in other activities, e.g. at work, watching TV, on public transport, you might like to try the continual finger tapping technique developed by Dr David Lake. You simply tap a few times with the thumb on each of the fingers of the same hand at the side of the nail (nearest to the thumb). Go up and down “the ladder” of your fingers tapping continuously and getting a rhythm going. There is no need to focus on anything specific, such as a problem, while you do this. It is simply a good way of calming the mind and body, and something that is easy to make into a general habit.


Another alternative when you are tired or are in a situation where you can’t tap is to use the “Touch and breathe” method. This involves touching one or a sequence of EFT points and holding the position (instead of tapping) while taking a full breath and saying your chosen words either out loud or in your head. This method is particularly helpful if you’re feeling agitated and want to calm down.


So, next time you feel you really don’t have time to tap, why not give one of these suggestions a try?


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