How energy testing can identify what your body needs

If you have attended one of my energy boosting taster sessions or have come for a one to one session with me, you will have seen me use energy testing to establish whether a particular energy technique would be of benefit. To do the test, the person holds their arm out (either to the side or in front of them) and I push down on their arm above their wrist with my open hand. If the energy is flowing freely through the arm, then the person will be able to hold their arm in position. On the other hand, if the energy is not flowing freely through the arm, the person’s arm will go down. The ability of the person to hold their arm up is nothing to do with their physical strength; it is solely to do with energy flow.

Based on kinesiology, energy testing is a fundamental technique used in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM). Energy testing assesses the flow of energy through a chosen muscle in the body, providing information about the state of a person’s energy systems. It enables us to discover whether energy is flowing freely or whether there are disturbances or blockages that need attention. Once identified, such disturbances or blockages can be corrected through the use of EEM techniques. Often, the correction is a simple, quick energy exercise that you can do on your own. For more complex issues, an EEM practitioner can work with you to help rebalance your energies. Afterwards, the same energy test can be used again to check that the energy correction has worked. Such is the beauty of energy testing – it provides evidence of what needs to be addressed at an energetic level AND whether an energy correction has worked! This means that the energy technique YOU need can be identified and applied, so that you can start to feel better. It is a truly personalised approach!

You may have already seen a video on my website of Donna Eden using energy testing to identify that a TV interviewer has a particular energy disturbance. Following a simple energy exercise, Donna tests again and shows that the disturbance has been corrected. You can see that video (4 mins 45) here:

If you would like to find out more about energy testing, see this 10-minute video of Donna explaining and demonstrating the technique:

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