Energy medicine for the horizontal!

Young woman lying in bed having headache

Just before Christmas, I came down with a cold and an eye infection and, all in all, I felt lousy. Ideally, I should have rested to help myself recover. However, I couldn’t do that as I had a class to teach and I had a non-moveable deadline to finish some other work. So, the upshot was that I pushed on through. Consequently, it took me much longer to recover than it would otherwise have done and I was left with fatigue that went on for over a week afterwards. So, when I actually did get the time to rest, I spent quite a bit of time lying in bed – because I couldn’t physically do anything else. I didn’t have the energy to do my usual energy exercises, so I did what I could while lying down.

That got me thinking that it would be useful to share some of what I did in a blog. Whether you are feeling ill, lacking in energy, lacking in time or have trouble sleeping, there are several Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) techniques you can do while lying down. I have described some of them below. In each case, you can do the techniques for as long as feels good.

1. Hold your forehead
If your mum used to place her hand across your forehead to soothe you when you were a child, you’ll know how comforting this feels. From an energetic point of view, when you place your flat hand (palm downwards) on your forehead, you are covering the main Triple Warmer Neurovascular reflex points. Holding these points will help reduce your stress levels, calm and stabilise the nervous system and have a beneficial effect on all the meridians and other energy systems in your body.

2. Hold your forehead and Adrenal points
You can extend the above technique as follows: keep one hand on your forehead and place the other flat hand on your upper abdomen, so that your little finger lies just above your navel. That hand will be covering the Adrenal points, which are located 1 inch up and 1 inch out from the navel. Triple Warmer energy governs the adrenal glands. By holding this position, you are harmonising the energies in the adrenal glands, helping to settle down the production of stress hormones.

3. Draw Figure 8s around your eyes
Using your index or middle finger and touching the skin quite firmly, draw horizontal Figure 8s slowly around your eyes, as if drawing a big pair of glasses on your face. This is easy to do and feels very relaxing. The technique brings in a crossover energy pattern around the eyes and reinforces the essential communication between the left side of the brain and the right side of the body and vice versa.

Here’s a video (1 min 34) showing the drawing of Figure 8s around the eyes:

4. Hold the 2nd and 4th chakras
This is my go-to technique for helping me to relax or to get (back) to sleep. It requires very little movement or effort. It feels very soothing as it helps you “come home” to yourself. Place one flat hand diagonally over the centre of your chest (between the breasts). Your hand is over the Heart (4th) chakra. Place the other flat hand on your lower abdomen – in the area below the navel and above the pubic bone. Your hand is over the Sacral/Womb (2nd) chakra.

5. Do the Hook-up
The Hook-up supports the nervous system. It connects the Central meridian (which sends energy up the front of the body) and the Governing meridian (which sends energy up your spine). Doing the Hook-up creates a strong energy field around the body, helping you feel whole and connected. Donna Eden says that the Hook-up is “one of the most powerful tools I know to quickly get yourself feeling better physically and emotionally.” (Donna Eden with Dondi Dahlin The Little Book of Energy Medicine, p 50.)

Place the middle finger of one hand in your navel. Place the middle finger of the other hand at your Third Eye (the point just above the point between your eyebrows). Push in and pull up on both at the same time. Breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth at least 5 or 6 times. You can close your eyes or keep them open, whichever feels good for you.

Here’s a video (just under 1 minute) showing how to do the Hook-up:

6. And if you really don’t have the energy to move at all …
… imagine horizontal Figure 8s going up and down your body (you can do this with your eyes closed). As with the Figure 8s around the eyes exercise, you will be encouraging your body’s energies to cross over, and this will help restore your health and well being.

I hope you find these energy techniques relaxing and restorative.


  • Natalie says:

    What a fabulous article, Helen! I love your clear and to the point style. Admirable. Glad you are feeling better. It is so great that our awareness is in the possession of this over simple and just as powerful tools. God bless the Chinese sages and Donna for simplifying the tools for the speedy modern times. Love to you from Mallorca xxx

    • Thank you Natalie! Yes, you are right. These are simple yet powerful self help tools that Donna is passing on to us in digestible form for modern times. Feeling very lucky to be taking this path with you and all our fellow energy enthusiasts!

  • madison says:

    my kind of article Helen – great writing and information combined – I’m looking forward to future ones too and LOVE the title! x M

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