What is Matrix Reimprinting?

EFT_touch“Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious, which is largely formed before the age of 6, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it.”

Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and author                                   

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is a new energy psychology technique created by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It is a gentle technique that allows us to release past traumatic experiences (whether big or small). MR can be effective for both emotional and physical issues, and the technique can also be used to envisage a desired future.

With conventional EFT, we can use tapping to take the emotional intensity out of a memory. MR also uses EFT, but this new technique allows us to go one step further, to play an interactive role in the memory, and to transform it.

In modern psychology, there is a well known response to trauma, whereby a part of the self “splits off” and dissociates from the experience in order for the person to survive the ordeal and move on. In MR, this “split off” part of the self is referred to as an ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram) and it is considered to become frozen, encapsulated and stored in a person’s energy field. Over time, we accumulate more and more of these ECHOs and they become our constant subconscious reference points, warning us of similar perceived traumatic situations throughout our lives.

In using the Matrix Reimprinting technique, we go into a memory and interact with our younger self (the ECHO) and, where appropriate, with the other people involved in the event at the time. The technique enables us to release the emotions associated with the memory and to identify the negative learning we gained from that event. Whilst in the memory, we can say and do what we wish we had said and done at the time. We can also replace the negative learning with positive learning and transform the picture we have of that memory, so that it becomes more positive.

Many of the difficult issues we experience in the present are related to our core beliefs, i.e. our foundational beliefs about ourselves, life and the world. The origins of our core beliefs can usually be traced back to events that occurred in our lives before the age of 6. This is because, up until the age of 6, a child’s brainwaves are operating at the same level as experienced during hypnosis. This means that, during this period, a child’s brain acts like a sponge, absorbing into their subconscious the beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of the adults around them. Using MR, the aim is to find the event that originated a core belief, and then work with the associated ECHO to transform the memory of that event. This can then have a domino effect on later memories involving the same core belief, right up until the present day, enabling us to gain realisations and resolution regarding the associated current issue.

In this video (9½ mins), Karin Davidson describes how Matrix Reimprinting works, using the analogy of a play. She also explains how the technique works with memory. At just before 6 minutes, the video shows a fun example of the reimprinting part of the MR process.

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