How do I know what words to use while tapping?

A stumbling block for those starting out in using EFT can be the feeling that they don’t know what words to say while tapping. However, there are no set phrases … Continue Reading →

I don’t have time to tap – how can I fit EFT into my everyday life?

Most people who learn EFT find that it helps them to cope with the small stresses of everyday life as well as with the bigger life issues that they might … Continue Reading →

Why does the EFT set-up statement focus on the negative?

An EFT set-up usually begins with “Even though”, followed by a negative statement. A positive affirmation, such as “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” then completes the set-up … Continue Reading →

What if I find it hard to say “I love and accept myself”?

Self acceptance is key to being able to make changes and move forward in our lives. The second half of the EFT set-up statement consists of the positive affirmation “I … Continue Reading →