How can energy work help me?

how-can-energy-work-help-meEnergy work can benefit anyone who wants to feel more energised, balanced, calm, resilient and joyful…



In particular, energy work could help you if:

• You just don’t feel like yourself
• You feel off-balance
• You feel disconnected or numb
• You feel overwhelmed and are finding it hard to cope
• You are finding life difficult and everything feels like a chore
• You feel tired or exhausted without reason
• You have a feeling that there is something missing in your life, even if you’re not sure what
• You can’t seem to shift your underlying low mood
• You feel anxious or depressed
• You find it hard to feel joy
• You feel vulnerable, exposed or “sensitive to everything”
• You feel you easily take on other people’s energies
• You feel drained by your interactions with other people
• You hold chronic tension in your muscles
• You have digestive problems
• You feel weighed down by your past
• You feel that a specific issue is getting you down or holding you back in life
• You would like to change certain thought or behaviour patterns
• You are easily distracted and find it hard to concentrate
• You would like to learn tools to help relieve your pain or other physical symptoms

How do I make the first step?
The first step if you are thinking about coming for an energy session is to contact me to arrange a free initial 15 minute phone consultation. This will enable you to find out what is involved and to ask questions. It also allows both of us to decide whether I am the right person to work with you. It is essential that you find the right therapist for you. You are under no obligation to make an appointment at the end of our phone conversation. I am very happy for you to take time to think things through after we speak and to decide whether you want to get in touch again to make an appointment.

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