Hello and welcome to my blog. My aim in this blog is to provide useful tips and information for people just starting out with energy medicine and EFT/ Matrix Reimprinting. Keep checking back as I add further articles and helpful advice.

The nine primary energy systems in Eden Energy Medicine

Ever wondered what the “energy” is that we work with in Eden Energy Medicine? Donna Eden is able to “see” or clairvoyantly read the body’s energies. She sees nine primary … Continue Reading →

Perk yourself up with energy medicine

Would you like to learn a few quick pick-me-up tips to help you feel more energised? In my previous blog (http://www.helencritchley.net/the-afternoon-slump-and-chinese-medicine/), I looked at the afternoon slump from a Chinese … Continue Reading →

The afternoon slump and Chinese medicine

Do you feel tired in the afternoons? Do you get a slump of energy between 3 and 5 pm? Or perhaps you feel tired between 5 and 7 pm? Chinese … Continue Reading →

Energy medicine for depression or low mood

  When I was in my first year of training to become an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Practitioner, I was part of a small group of students. We were all … Continue Reading →

Energy medicine for the horizontal!

Just before Christmas, I came down with a cold and an eye infection and, all in all, I felt lousy. Ideally, I should have rested to help myself recover. However, … Continue Reading →

Are you highly sensitive?

Does chaos and clutter distress you? Does drinking caffeine give you a headache or make you “buzz”? Do you get irritable when you are hungry? Are you particularly aware of … Continue Reading →

Why it’s important to have our energies crossing over within the body

In Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), we talk all the time about the importance of having our energies crossing over within the body. EEM practitioners encourage people to march on the … Continue Reading →

How energy testing can identify what your body needs

If you have attended one of my energy boosting taster sessions or have come for a one to one session with me, you will have seen me use energy testing … Continue Reading →

Why we all have “magic hands”

I recently used Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) to help my 10-year-old nephew ease his tummy ache. Once I’d used various techniques (more on that later), he said that he felt … Continue Reading →

How do I know what words to use while tapping?

A stumbling block for those starting out in using EFT can be the feeling that they don’t know what words to say while tapping. However, there are no set phrases … Continue Reading →